2018 Wedding Trends

July 3rd, 2018 |

One of the best parts of being an Annapolis wedding photographer is having the chance to see my brides and grooms’ personalities come out through their choice in style and décor. Wedding décor trends come and go through the years, and it’s been fun throughout my career to see how trends change, develop, and cycle. Capturing detail shots is absolutely critical as a romantic wedding photographer, so I pay close attention to the details the couples and planners I work with choose!

My 2018 wedding season has been off to a great start, and I have a host of more amazing weddings lined up for the rest of the year. To the year that says goodbye to lucite everything and hello to plant life, pretty place cards, and bold linens—here’s my list of 2018’s biggest wedding décor trends!

1. Lush greenery and plant life abounding
We’ve loved seeing the increase in greenery garlands over the years, but we’re thrilled to see even more emphasis placed on bringing reception and ceremony spaces to life with greenery nestled in every nook of the space. From plant-crested chandeliers to potted plants in the aisle to bar spaces filled with gorgeous blooms, we love the way that the plant life elevates a wedding.

HannahLane Photography - Miami Wedding Photographer

2. Bold floral prints and linens
While neutrals will always hold a place in our hearts, we’re so excited to see more bold floral patterns make an entrance to the wedding scene. These add the perfect pop of color and can tie in perfectly via table linens, envelope liners, place setting cards, and napkins.

3. Unique place setting cards
Speaking of place setting cards, 2018 marks the arrival of a new focus on stunning, unique place setting cards. This small detail is easily overlooked, but when it’s done right, it really pulls together an entire table scape design. While custom stationary is always an option, we also love gemstones and glass etching for place setting cards.

HannahLane Photography - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

4. Keeping the party going all night
We are loving to see more and more of couples’ focus on their guests and their enjoyment by celebrating with them ‘till the break of dawn. Many couples are choosing to provide their guests with late-night entertainment, snacks, and after parties, which finishes the wedding celebration off with a bang.

5. Choosing a destination and embracing it
One of the best parts of photographing Charleston and Annapolis weddings is the rich cultural experiences the two locations offer. So many of our brides choose to show off special cultural elements from their locations, which becomes even better when the destination weddings are in amazing places! From traditional ceremony elements to décor details that pay tribute to the destination to food choices, this is one of the best wedding trends of the year for sure.

HannahLane Photography - Miami Wedding Photographer

Be sure to keep following along our blog and instagram to see these trends come to life in our wonderful clients’ wedding days!

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