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January 13th, 2019 |

Is there anything sweeter than a mother and her children?! As an Annapolis family photographer, it’s so fun to get to work with different families and show off their love and unique dynamics. These types of photo sessions are so special and so important because they freeze time and really highlight a particular season in a family’s life.

For instance, this past summer’s Annapolis family photo session with Sarah and her sweet girls is one that they will always be able to look back on and cherish. It was such a pleasure to see how her darling daughters interacted with one another—so many snuggles and hugs! And Sarah’s bond with them is so apparent—in real life and in these photos!

I love how at ease the entire family was during the photo session; it is clear that they really enjoy spending time together. Although I photographed this Annapolis family photo session during a random quiet afternoon, you would’ve thought that these girls were all having the time of their lives! They looked so cute in their flowy summer dresses. And they loved being dressed up!

Sarah looked absolutely gorgeous, as well. She chose a stunning palette of pastels for their outfits, which perfectly complemented the warm summer haze, green leaves, and Annapolis blooms!

We showed off all of Annapolis’ charming cobblestone paths, historical brick buildings and alleyways, and of course the waterfront! I particularly love the photos of them on the steps of St. John’s College. We got so many smiles out of the girls there, and the three of them look like the perfect, most elegant family.

After an afternoon of family giggles, strolls through the city, and so many smiles during this Annapolis family photo session, I can confidently say that I cannot wait to someday have a laughter-filled mother-child photo session of my own with my son someday!


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