Baby Giddings Corner Nursery

November 14th, 2018 |

Today I am officially 37 weeks and Baby Boy is allowed to come anytime he wants!! We are so excited and can not wait so I figured it would be the perfect time to show off his corner nursery.

Daniel and I live in downtown Annapolis, Maryland in a one bedroom apartment. It’s the apartment we’ve lived in since moving to Maryland four years ago. We love it and love the area we’re in, so we decided to stay in our one-bedroom for the first part of baby boy’s little life.

After lots of organization, purging, and moving furniture, I created a corner of our bedroom just for baby boy. It’s literally where all of his things will live and hopefully will be easy to keep organized. My parents surprised me a few weekends ago and came into town to help finish the house projects. While I was away shooting a wedding they painted our whole room and put together his crib. I’m so pleased with how it all turned out! 

Dresser: Second Chance (and I repainted it)
Crib: Craigslist – Stokke Crib
Frames: FramesUSA
Mobile: I made it 🙂
Charleston + Annapolis Charts: NOAA website and then I edited them to match
Sheet + Changing Table Cover: My mom made them
Bookshelf, Lamp, Sailboat, Tapestry, Floating Shelves: Amazon
Photos: The amazing Krista A. Jones

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