What is the best time of year to get married?

August 10th, 2017 |

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There are so many options available to brides today when it comes to wedding planning. Where will you get married, who is invited, what will your dress look like, dessert table or cake? The list goes on! Don’t let wedding decision making become overwhelming.

Start with the basics, like: What is the best time of year to get married?

My absolute favorites are spring and fall, about an hour and 45 minutes before sunset. Here’s why… If you are planning a typical 30-minute ceremony, that will give you a full hour for photos during the gorgeous golden hour with a 15-minute window to enter your reception with some light before it’s too dark.

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This is not only ideal for me (your most favorite wedding photographer) to capture all of those beautiful photos you’ve dreamed of your entire life, but it also sets up a natural progression of events as the sun will set just as you’re gearing up to dance the night away.

With that in mind, there are a few other factors that should also be taken into consideration.  For example, is your venue in or surrounded by mountains or hills? If so, you should move your start time up by about an hour to accommodate for the sun setting early behind the mountains. On the other hand, if your wedding day will take place on the beach, go ahead and start a little later since nothing will impede the sun.

HannahLane Photography - Best time of year to get married - Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer 3

If you’re a bride-to-be and need a little help getting started with planning your wedding photos or if you just want to sort out what the best time of year to get married for your specific situation is, please email me at Hannah@HannahLanePhotography.com. I’d love to learn more about your wedding day and chat about my favorite tips for capturing amazing wedding photos that you’ll cherish forever.


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There’s really no best time to get married, I think weddings all year round are beautiful in their own ways!! 🙂

This is so helpful! When a couple hires you, it sounds like they not only get an amazing wedding photographer, but they also get someone who is experienced and can give great advice throughout the process!

First of all, those photos are stunning! Second of all, I agree! Having your ceremony just under 2 hours before sunset is perfect. So beautiful!

These are great points. As a videographer,I too Love to shoot right before sunset!

These are solid points that I bet your couples are going to love! Especially about keeping the flow of the evening, so important. Great post!

This is really helpful advice! Your photos are gorgeous

Each time of year has its benefits and downsides! It is a good idea to consider all aspects before picking a date! So great that you are available for giving advice!

This is so informative and a great resource for your brides!! Thank you so much for sharing this!

This is great! Keep it simple! Great tips on why you love spring and fall (me too!) for weddings!

I totally agree with you! Spring and fall are gorgeous! If I were planning my wedding I’d pick fall for sure!

Yes yes yes to spring and fall weddings! Wedding photography is such a nuanced profession, thank you for throwing out these details for all the folks planning weddings!

This is a great post! Too often brides are so excited about planning the big day they quickly skip over the best time for that day!

I’ve never taken the time to think about this important detail, and now just realized that there IS a perfect season to get married, for each and everyone of us!

Lots of great wedding information!

These are such great things to consider! As a photographer that’s my favorite time of the year for weddings too!

This is so helpful for people planning their wedding and don’t have a specific date in mind!!! This is going to help for when I’m planning my wedding soon, thank you for the info so perfectly presented 🙂

Such a great article for those planning their wedding!!

Great tips, I wish I had advice like this before I got married! Picking the right time is SO important!

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