What Your Wedding Photographer Really Wants You to Know

What Your Wedding Photographer Really Wants You to Know

Weddings bring everyone involved to a highly emotional state that is often filled with stress and worry. To cut through some of that and bring a little transparency to the situation, here are four things that your Charleston wedding photographer wish you knew (but might not actually tell you). #1 ā€“ We do this every Continue Reading



Bargain Shopping

January 15th, 2012 |

Let me tell you. I love a good deal! I buy 90% of my clothing from consignment stores, on sale, and clearance. Saving money is fun to me! Thats why I love flea markets. You can find some of the neatest things for a great deal at flea markets, yard sales, etc.  SO we had Continue Reading

Jacksonville Journeys

January 13th, 2012 |

Day two. Jacksonville city journeys. We walked allll over today šŸ™‚ We first went to the zoo and saw all the animals, then headed over to MOSH, The Museum of Science and History. We held birds, saw the second longest snake in the world, brushed goats fur, learned about Jacksonville’s history, took LOTS of pictures, Continue Reading

. . . so the journey begins . . .

January 13th, 2012 |

So I decided that since this is the first vacation of 2012, and I hadn’t posted my first blog post yet (yes i’m behind, im on break) šŸ™‚ I decided what better time than this? My goal?  Making one blog post a day (as best as I can).  We’ll see how this goes šŸ™‚  . Continue Reading

Best Friends

October 20th, 2011 |

Everyone has a best friend. Either someone they’ve known their entire lives, or someone they’ve only known for a short period of time. In my case I’ve known this person my entire life. My sister. When we are together it is non-stop laughing and having fun…. We can sit there and cry laughing with each Continue Reading

Living life to the fullest.

October 11th, 2011 |

One of the things that I strive to do as a follower of Christ, as a daughter to my parents, as a sister, as a friend, and as a photographer, is to live life to the fullest. Striving towards a stronger-better relationship with the Lord, my parents, friends and family. As well as growing as Continue Reading

Precious Baby Innocence

September 1st, 2011 |

I love children.Period. There is something about their sweet innocence that is amazing to me. There big curious eyes and wonder for the world around them. Well this week I had the pleasure of photographing the cutest well behaved “little man”. He was so good for me and was awesome to photograph. His parents clearly Continue Reading

Timing was perfect

August 22nd, 2011 |

For this particular wedding that I photographed I already knew the bride and her family, and it was so wonderful for me to reunite with them all. The timing of this couple’s meeting, engagement, and then wedding was completely the Lord’s timing and they radiated the Lords love and blessing. I truly enjoyed being able Continue Reading

Project Light.

July 21st, 2011 |

Since I’ve only ever posted my photography projects here on my blog I decided to mix it up a bit and start posting some of my art projects that I tackle. This project I found online at one of my favorite sites. Pinterest. Its a lamp made out of doilies, wallpaper paste, and a balloon. Continue Reading

Camp Happy Days 2011

July 18th, 2011 |

Before I start I want to tell you a little about Camp Happy Days.     “Camp Happy Days is our largest and most exciting event of the year.  Brimming with excitement and anticipation, more than 160 children with cancer and their siblings will arrive at Camp Bob Cooper eager to discover a dream world awaiting Continue Reading

A little about your photographer…..

January 4th, 2011 |

So I decided, that after all this talk about all my clients and the different photo shoots I have had, I would tell you a little about myself…. In a not so ordinary way…. Oh, for a heart that does not ache For a backbone that won’t break For some steady feet or sturdy ground Continue Reading

Football Season

September 30th, 2010 |

“Football is a sport that brings everyone together, for food, fun, family, and friends.” High school football has been a completely different experience for me.  Photographing football is a little more complicated then I thought. I love to watch college football, but I have realized that I didn’t know how the all american sport, we Continue Reading

Family & Love

September 27th, 2010 |

Family. Family means everything to me, without it I wouldn’t be where I am. Without it I wouldn’t be who I am; and without family I wouldn’t be headed in the direction I am going.Family also means LOVE to me, it’s getting together and laughing, getting together and being supportive of each other, and getting Continue Reading

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