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April 20th, 2018 |

HannahLane Photography - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Every bride has a different vision for their wedding party. How they will ask their closest friends to be official bridesmaids, what everyone will wear, who they’ll walk down the aisle with, and of course – what their role will be leading up and during the actual wedding day. As an Annapolis wedding photographer, I’ve seen bridesmaids and groomsmen come together to support their friends in every way possible. This makes for an incredible wedding day and I want to help you experience this joy with your friends!

HannahLane Photography - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Here are my top five tips to share with your wedding party BEFORE your big day arrives.

Tip #1 – “Your friendship matters to me.”

The days leading up to a wedding are full of stressful planning, decision making, a list a mile long of to do items. Don’t let the pressure of pulling together what you envision to be the ‘perfect’ day come between you and your friends.

If something comes up that causes an issue, agree to disagree and just let it be. Seeing eye to eye on something little now will probably seem like peanuts later in life. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

HannahLane Photography - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Tip #2 – “It’s okay if you have to say no.”

Even if your friend absolutely wants to say yes and be present for every single step of your wedding, know that having an official role (even if you aren’t the bride or groom) can be very time consuming and quite expensive.

If someone has to say ‘no’ to your invitation to be a bridesmaid (or groomsmen), accept it and be understanding. It’s not that they don’t love you or aren’t happy for you – they might just not be able to commit, and trust me when I tell you from my experience as an Annapolis wedding photographer – you’d rather know now, rather than the moment before you’re ready to walk down the aisle and you have a no-show. 

HannahLane Photography - Annapolis Wedding Photographer


Tip #3 – “I appreciate your feedback and will consider your opinion.”

Weddings come with a zillion questions. Months of planning goes into creating a one-day event. There’s a LOT of pressure involved! To top it all off, everyone has an opinion on what they think will work best for you and they’re ready to share stories about what they’ve seen in the past. This can be helpful sometimes, but can also be incredibly overwhelming.

If you just need a break from all the suggestions from your friends and family, just say so. Say it before you’re super frustrated, chances are you’ll be a little more kind about your approach on the subject if you’re not ready to explode.  😉

HannahLane Photography - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Tip #4 – “The wedding look.”

This includes so much more than picking the perfect dress in the most dreamy color. We’re talking hair, make-up, nails, shoes. All the things that your fave Annapolis wedding photographer will capture detail photos of on your wedding day.  <3

Let everyone in your bridal party know up front or as quickly as possible what you’ll expect them to purchase or pay for. This helps relieve any possible tension and allows everyone to budget appropriately.

Side note about the wedding look… take a moment to talk about tanning. Specifically, tan lines. With enough planning ahead, awkward tan lines can be completely avoided. Spray tans or appropriately positioned straps are a huge help. Either way, bring it up for in advance so that everyone has time to make sure they’re on the top of their game when it comes to wedding day.

HannahLane Photography - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Tip #5 – “Please have so much fun.”

Yes, this is your day. It’s the moment you’ve waited for your entire life. You’re getting married! But don’t forget to take a deep breath and have fun. Allow all of that time you spent planning to pay off while you try to relax and enjoy every moment. 

Tell your bridal party that you expect them to have fun also! So selfie it up, dance the night away, and be sure to tag you in photos or use your wedding hashtag in their posts on social media.

HannahLane Photography - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Interested in learning more tips from your favorite Annapolis wedding photographer? I’d love to chat with you! Send me an email or give me a call and we’ll set up a time to talk about everything you have planned for your wedding day and what you can do to keep things moving along smoothly. 

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