Creative Alternatives to Traditional Floral Centerpieces

November 19th, 2018 |

One of the most exciting parts of a wedding day for most couples is the grand reveal of their reception space. After months of tedious planning and hard work, it’s amazing to be able to see their dream come together in the most “real” way. And as an Annapolis wedding photographer, I love the chance to get to witness these reveals so often. It really is pure magic!

But beyond simply witnessing the couple’s reaction to their reception space, I love having the chance to photograph the beautiful Annapolis wedding details. From nautical affairs to laid-back, al fresco dinners in historical spaces, there are so many opportunities to show personality through design in wedding details.

And some of the most central components of any wedding reception are the tables’ centerpieces! While I love the traditional floral centerpieces that are present in many weddings, I have been blown away by the creativity I have gotten to photograph at some of my Annapolis weddings as well! So I’m excited to share with you some alternatives to traditional floral centerpieces today!

While most centerpieces include some sort of candle setup, there are so many ways to really heighten the effect of candles. I love the way that the added, soft ambient light from candles photographs, so why not make them the star of the show?! From tapered candles to clustered candles in vases to floating candles, there are so many ways to make candles an elegant and unique centerpiece.

Greenery Garlands
This is a trend I am seeing more and more of, but I cannot get enough of it! I love the ethereal look of a greenery garland; it’s a simple way to finish off a look without breaking the bank or planning something extravagant. And a huge bonus is that it works with any color scheme and almost any venue!

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For an outdoorsy bride, lanterns are a great centerpiece option. They’re large enough to fill the space properly but don’t overcrowd it. And they are on the inexpensive side as well. It’s an especially fun touch for Annapolis weddings because of the nautical appeal.

Vintage Items

Another fun option is to collect vintage items and display them in unique ways. This works well for weddings in historic mansions and garden parties! I have seen vintage books, teacups, and other trinkets displayed with a few flowers here and there for a unique twist to the normal centerpiece.

Unexpected Florals
It is great to see trends shift in Annapolis wedding décor—always keeps me on my toes! Something I have loved seeing lately are unique floral centerpieces. From clusters of bud vases of different sizes to tables showcasing full on trees, there are so many ways to use florals in unexpected ways. For this, pinterest will be your best friend!

Annapolis wedding reception details are some of my favorite images from a wedding day, and it’s even better when they’re so well done! You can see a few Annapolis weddings with exquisite receptions here and here.

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