Five FAQs for your Wedding Photographer

December 4th, 2018 |

For most people, planning a wedding is a unique experience in life. There are so many elements of wedding planning that can seem overwhelming and stressful, and even with an amazing wedding planner on board, it can be hard to navigate the process.

As a Charleston wedding photographer, I talk to all potential clients to make sure that we’re a good fit and to answer questions ahead of time. And as I do initial consultations with potential clients, I am approached with many of the same questions.

So I am excited to be answering the five most common FAQs for a Charleston wedding photographer.

Do I need to hire a second photographer?
While I have been shooting weddings for years and feel comfortable on my own (as do many professionals), hiring a second shooter on your wedding day is absolutely worth the money! A second photographer will end up giving you more beautiful images—different angles of the ceremony, more details, and fun candids. Second photographers help the days go more smoothly as well! Most of my packages include second photographers for this reason.

How far in advance should I book my photographer?
Most brides and grooms hire their Charleston wedding photographers eight to eighteen months in advance. Since most photographers can shoot a limited number of weddings each weekend, they tend to book up quickly. And for this reason, I recommend hiring a photographer as soon as you have your wedding date and venue locked in!

Should I hire a film or digital photographer?
This question is 100 percent preference on style, as well as budgetary considerations. Film and digital are different mediums and typically end up with different results; although many digital photographs can emulate film. I recommend doing a bit of research to see what styles you like the best. And consider that film wedding photography is typically much more expensive.

How much should I spend on photography?
Since wedding photographs are one of the few aspects of a wedding day that remain after the fact, I highly recommend investing in your Charleston wedding photographer. While I don’t think there’s a real rule of thumb regarding how much you should spend, you should allocate a significant portion of your overall budget to wedding photography early on in your planning.

Will I receive raw or unedited photos? Do I need them?
It is not industry standard to provide raw/unedited images, and there really is not much need for them. A raw file is a digital negative, so without expensive editing software, it is more or less useless. Furthermore, I provide my clients with the best images from their wedding days, so there are so many amazing images to go around!

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