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December 12th, 2017 |

Hannah Lane Photography - Annapolis Family Photography

There’s no better way to capture the holiday spirit than with a gorgeous Annapolis family photography session! Before you head straight to the red and green section of your favorite holiday shop to start picking out your wardrobes, check out these holiday photo trends for 2017.

Keep everyone comfortable!

Dress your family in jeans, cozy sweaters, and add a scarf for a pop of color. Being comfortable will help your family relax in front of the camera and focus on each other instead of their clothes.

Hannah Lane Photography - Annapolis Family Photography

Let’s meet at your favorite place!

Sometimes being comfortable includes more than what you’re wearing. Is there a certain location that is special to your family? If so, tell me all about it! We will work together to figure out the perfect day and time to take advantage of the gorgeous natural light during your session.

Allow the moments to happen.

The most cherished family photos may not always be those where everyone is looking at the camera smiling. If your little just wants to snuggle or maybe the kids just can’t stop giggling, let’s go with it. Allowing these precious moments to happen naturally provide for incredible images that I know you’ll love forever.

Hannah Lane Photography - Annapolis Family Photography Hannah Lane Photography - Annapolis Family Photography
Hannah Lane Photography - Annapolis Family Photography Hannah Lane Photography - Annapolis Family Photography

Dive into neutrals.

If you are loving the light and airy look (my most favorite style), dress your family in neutrals. We’re not talking about all bright whites here. This includes any soft colors like greys, ivory, pale blue, even metallics like gold or silver and of course – denim. If you are trying to make individual outfits work together, try pairing them with accessories!

Bring your pet.

They’re part of the family too, right? If we’re somewhere close to home (or anywhere that allows pets for that matter), feel free to bring your little buddy along. They add a special touch to any family photo that you’ll love to look back on later.

Hannah Lane Photography - Annapolis Family Photography

Follow any (or all) of these guidelines and I promise that you’ll end up with gorgeous photos that will look amazing on any Christmas card. The major bonus? You won’t feel like you have to take the photos down once the holidays are over! 

If you’re ready to schedule your Annapolis family photography session, please email me at and we’ll set up a time to chat. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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