How to Address Wedding Invitations

February 28th, 2019 |

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to address wedding invitations? The magic is in the details when it comes to any event, especially a wedding! From the first moments of becoming engaged, all the way through your walk down the aisle and first dance under the glowing lights.

Something as simple as how you address the wedding invitations can have a huge impact on your guest’s impression of your wedding day. Did you know that there are etiquette rules that define a difference between what you write on the exterior envelope and the interior envelope? Seriously.

To make things simple, I’ve created a basic ‘how to’ guide for addressing wedding invitations.

Married Couple

On the outer envelope:
Mr. Joe and Mrs. Jennifer Smith or Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith

On the inner envelope:

Mr. and Mrs. Smith or Joe and Jennifer

Married Couple with Different Last Names

On the outer envelope:
Mr. Joe Smith and Mrs. Jennifer Jones

On the inner envelope:
Mr. Smith and Mrs. Jones or Joe and Jennifer

Unmarried Couple Living Together

On the outer envelope:
Mr. Joe Smith
Ms. Jennifer Jones

On the inner envelope:
Mr. Smith
Ms. Jones

Married Woman Doctor or Two Married Doctors

On the outer envelope:
If she uses her maiden name professionally and socially, Dr. Jennifer Jones and Mr. Joe Smith
If she uses her husband’s name socially, Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Joe Smith
If both are doctors, Doctors Jennifer and Joe Smith

On the inner envelope:
Dr. Jones and Mr. Smith or The Doctors Smith

Other Distinguished Titles:

The same rules you used for doctors apply to these titles.
If you can’t fit both names and titles on one line, indent the second line.

Children Under 18 (living at home):

The names of any children who are invited should be included on the inner envelope.
List their names with a “Miss” for girls and no title for boys, until they’re 18.
Include each child’s name or you will imply that the left out child is not invited.

Children 18 and Older (not living at home):

If they are not living at home, every child should receive their own invitation.

On the outer envelope:
Ms. Chloe Peters or Mr. Blake Thompson

On the inner envelope:
Ms. Peters or Mr. Thompson








Still have questions? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll help as much as I can! <3 Hannah

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