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February 19th, 2019 |

One of the best parts about being an Annapolis family photographer is the opportunity I have to show off every family’s unique personalities and dynamics in an interesting way. This is shown not only in the interactions that I capture; each family’s character is shown from the get-go, depending on their location choice, outfit selection, and activity of choice. 

The Zimmerman family wanted their family photos this year to be ultra laid-back and casual, so they opted for an in-home family session. Their goal for this year’s session was to show off the fun things that they like to do together as a family, and I was able to capture some beautiful photos of their home and friendship along the way!

On a perfect summer evening, I popped into the Zimmerman house for pizza night! The kids loved crafting their own pizzas and reading together while they baked. It was especially fun to see the kids light up as they looked through some of their family photo albums as well.

After a sweet family prayer, they enjoyed chatting throughout dinner. And the kids really enjoyed chowing down on the pizza! I snapped some individual portraits of each of the five children on their lovely porch, and I know their parents will love having these to remember this period of life by as their children grow up. Can you believe how photogenic they all are?!

We finished off the Zimmerman’s Annapolis family photo session with the two who started it all—mom and dad—cozied up on the couch, as I’d imagine they do at the end of long days. This right here is what life is all about! I’m so grateful I had the chance to work with this darling family and celebrate the simplicities of life with them!

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