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October 30th, 2018 |

I know I’ve said it before, but having the opportunity to witness a family growing is one of the most incredible parts of my job. As an Annapolis newborn photographer, I am able to get to know a family and capture their most precious moments. From the excitement of their engagement to their walk down the aisle to their maternity journey and beyond, there’s nothing quite like it!

I love how I am introduced to some of the best families through current and past clients, and how those clients in turn become like family. And the Josephs are no exception!

I met this lovely family through the mom’s brother. I photographed his wedding, and I was so lucky to have been introduced to his sister, the super mom of these three kiddos! The Josephs welcomed a sweet baby girl into the world earlier this year, so we set up an Annapolis newborn session in the comfort of their home.

After having two boys, this family was so thrilled for a little girl, and it was so amazing to see the way that the two boys adored her! I loved getting to pose all three children together; those images of the boys holding her are too sweet for words! Baby girl’s parents are obviously also so smitten. Despite having three kids and a consequentially hectic life, all eyes were on the baby for those precious few moments that we spent together.

These photos make family life look so simple and so, so special, I love how these Annapolis newborn photos show off the best part of life—the magic in the small moments. And preserving these precious memories with newborn photographs is such an important way to remember all of those tiny details that would otherwise end up as fuzzy details, like those skinny little legs and crinkly toes.

Thank you for letting me capture your memories, Joseph family!


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