Why on earth would you get married during the holidays?

December 21st, 2017 |

HannahLane Photography - Married During Holidays - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

It may seem a little crazy to plan your wedding during the busiest months of the year, but there are actually a number of perks that come along with getting married during the holidays! Here’s a quick list that may convince you to schedule your wedding date for December!

Perk 1: It gives your family another opportunity to get together and celebrate!

Who doesn’t love yet another reason to celebrate with your closest family and friends? While you may not want to get married on Christmas day, December is the month of holiday spirit and a time where families are naturally drawn to each other. Capitalize on guests already being in from out of town and enjoy having everyone together to celebrate your marriage.

HannahLane Photography - Married During Holidays - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Perk 2: Venues often have a little more flexibility with scheduling during the holidays.

May through September is the busiest time of year for any wedding venue (in the US), so they tend to book up faster for those months and also hold firm to any rules/regulations (think minimum guest counts, use of the grounds, etc.). If you prefer a short engagement or have plans that require a little leniency on the venue’s part, schedule your wedding during the holidays! 

Perk 3: Unique holiday wedding trends!

Pinterest is going to be your go-to resource here, but there are a couple holiday wedding trends that I adore:

  • Evergreen bouquets
  • Drip cakes
  • White leather jackets for the bride
  • Faux fur accents
  • All things velvet

HannahLane Photography - Married During Holidays - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Perk 4: Spice up your holiday wedding without candy canes and gingerbread men.

Not into the traditional holiday decor? No problem! Skip the red and green and dive into everything rustic, another gorgeous holiday wedding trend. Lanterns, candles, and rich color schemes can help you create a intimate and romantic setting that you and your guests are sure to love.

Perk 5:  Wedding attire for the colder months.

If you’ve always imagined yourself decked out in a gorgeous long sleeved wedding dress cozy beneath a stunning fur wrap, getting married during the holidays is perfect for you! Finish your look with a bouquet full of deep and dreamy winter colors that will make your white gown pop in the photos.

If you plan on taking portraits outside (which you should, especially if there is fresh snow), get creative with your footwear. Wellies are trendy and can be a fun (and functional) option for bridesmaids with short dresses or for a bride to hide beneath her gown.

HannahLane Photography - Married During the Holidays - Annapolis Wedding Photographer HannahLane Photography - Married During the Holidays - Annapolis Wedding Photographer

Perk 6: Comfort food for snacks? Yes, please!

If your wedding venue offers a fireside dining option, try DIY s’mores for your guests to indulge in as a late night snack. Who wouldn’t love toasting marshmallows beside a warm fire to celebrate your special day? If a fire is not an option, set up a hot chocolate bar with a variety of gourmet toppings. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

If you’re planning to get married during the holidays and are ready to tell me all about what you have in mind for your wedding photos, I’d love to chat! Just email me at hannah@hannahlanephotography.com and I’ll get in touch right away. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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