When I was just thirteen, my dear family friends Mr. Donald and Mrs. Shirley were in town visiting my grandparents. They brought a small point and shoot Canon camera with them, and on that trip, and each trip afterwards, they let me borrow their camera. I would take photos of everything I could find. Food, toys, people, the family pets… I spent hours photographing every object I came across and I truly loved it! Before they left, they told me the camera was mine and that I loved it too much for them to take it.

Happy tears streamed down my face and in that moment I was the happiest thirteen year old girl in the entire world.

It makes sense that my love of photography started with family and friends. I believe that my love for photography was given to me by a Creator who desires me to use my gifts to document memories of laughter, love and relationships. What was once a hobby quickly became a passion and ultimately a career. Nine years of professional photography have allowed me to photograph and serve countless couples, families and friends all over the world.

“Do what you love, love what you do, but love it enough to do it a little better everyday”

I was born and raised in the coastal city of Charleston, South Carolina and after marrying my husband Daniel in 2014, we moved ten hours up the coast to another coastal city, Annapolis, Maryland. From America’s sailing capital of the world to the beaches of Charleston, I feel at peace when I’m near the salt air and I couldn’t be more thankful to call these beautiful, coastal towns my home.

My love for photography has brought me everywhere from the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of the Virgin Island to an orphanage in Nicaragua but the cities of Charleston and Annapolis still have my heart.


My Top Five

I’m fortunate enough to call two cities home: 
Annapolis & Charleston.




Yearly Eastport/Annapolis Tug-of-War (GO EASTPORT!)

Front porch dinners with friends.

Annapolitian traditions that include croquet matches and big hats.

Summer nights dining under the starts on west street.

Walking across the street and taking the water taxi downtown.



Salty Boat days with a packed lunch and nowhere to be

Swing dancing on the Folly Pier.

Late summer nights downtown ending at Kaminskis for dessert

Date nights on the roof top at Vendue.

Long Beach days at Folly ending with pizza at Woodys.



Exploring The Baths in Virgin Gorda, BVI

The penny arcade in Manitou Springs, Colorado

Driving Route 1 with the top down in
sunny Cali

Snorkeling with stingrays in Grand Cayman

Lobster pounds with friends in Belfast, Maine



There are few things I love more than traveling, especially when it involves someone’s dream wedding. Let me know where yours is taking place. Beautiful stories are worth traveling any distance to tell..


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