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January 9th, 2019 |

As a Charleston wedding photographer, I take no greater joy than working with darling couples on the happiest days of their lives. I love capturing all elements of a wedding day—from the beautiful details to radiant smiles and exciting dance parties. But what makes my job even better is having the chance to see these Charleston wedding photographs in print and made into tangible products!

Have you ever spent an afternoon going through your parents or grandparents photographs from their wedding or courtship? Or enjoyed an evening watching old home videos or family members’ wedding films? This right here is why I’m so passionate about printing your photographs! Charleston wedding photos are true heirlooms, especially when they are printed.

And to start off 2019, I am excited to share with you some of my favorite products and prints that I offer through professional printing labs. I recommend these products to any couple to show off their Charleston wedding photos and for family remembrance.

Custom heirloom albums are my absolute favorite product that I offer. There’s just something so special about having your Charleston wedding photographs compiled in a curated collection. With every custom album I design, I take care to design a gorgeous, elegant layout and work with my clients to select the most important images. With thick pages, beautiful covers, and the loveliest wedding photographs, I am smitten with every album that I produce.

Another product that I always recommend is a canvas gallery wrap. These products are really showstoppers for homes and a great way to remember your vows and relive the happiness of your Charleston wedding on a daily basis.  I love that there is no fuss with having to worry about finding a frame to match your décor, so they are great for the interiors of any home. These make great gallery walls, as well!

Finally, I highly recommend purchasing some good old prints. Collecting a variety of prints of your favorite wedding images in different sizes is a great way to solidify your wedding memories. Printed photographs can be framed and hung, gifted to parents or family members, or collected in beautiful coffee table boxes.

I am so excited to make some pretty photographs and deliver beautiful products to all of my 2019 clients!

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