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July 13th, 2017 |

HannahLane - Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

Colorado is an amazing place with gorgeous natural landscapes and amazing options when it comes to wedding venues. As a Colorado wedding photographer, I get the pleasure of photographing some of the most beautiful places in the state! Here are my top ten most favorite wedding venues in Colorado:

1. The Broadmoor – Colorado Springs, Colorado

2. The Estes Park Resort – Estes Park, Colorado

3. Telluride Ski Resort – Telluride, Colorado

4. Magnolia Hotel – Denver, Colorado

5. Garden of the Gods Resort – Colorado Springs, Colorado

6. Beaver Creek Lodge – Beaver Creek, Colorado

7. Catamount Ranch – Steamboat Springs, Colorado

8. The Lodge at Breckenridge – Breckenridge, Colorado

9. The Pinery at the Hill – Colorado Springs, Colorado

10. Crooked WIllow Farms – Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Each of these locations is absolutely spectacular and I’m certain that you’d be pleased with any one of them, but finding your perfect fit is so important. A couple things you should consider when choosing your Colorado destination wedding venue include:

  • Location
  • Style
  • Budget
  • Space (how many guests can the location accomodate)
  • Services (ceremony and/or reception)
  • Food and beverage options

While these items are fairly basic, they’ll give you a good head start on figuring out if one of these beautiful places is the location for you.

If you’d like a little input from your favorite Colorado wedding photographer, please feel free to email me at I’d be happy to share my personal experiences with you and discuss my favorite tips to making any venue look amazing in your photos.

Do you know of any hidden gems that should be added to my list? Share them with me in the comments below or via social media. I’d love to see your photos, check out links, and/or hear your stories about the beautiful places you’ve discovered in Colorado. I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy wedding planning!  <3 

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