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October 9th, 2018 |

It is funny how I more in love with the little details of weddings, the longer I work as a Charleston wedding photographer. After doing this for years, it is unbelievable that I am often still surprised by the wedding details that my clients and fellow creatives come up with! While I generally share all of my favorite wedding details on my Charleston wedding sneak peeks, I am excited to share with you today a few surprising wedding details that are underrepresented!

Branded Weddings
So when most people get married, they definitely don’t think about the “brand” of their wedding… I get it! But hiring a designer to craft a logo for your wedding is a surprisingly inexpensive way to tie together the feeling you want for your wedding. It is a simple way to carry your theme through to many elements of your event and produce an elegant and personalized affair. From your stationery to your welcome signs to your wedding favors, a wedding logo is an amazing detail that many don’t even think about!

Vow Books
While many brides and grooms write their vows whenever they have a free moment amidst the stress of wedding planning, many don’t consider what that piece of lined paper (or napkin!) might look like from the other side of things. A custom vow booklet is a classy wedding detail that looks great throughout the day—from styled detail photos at the beginning of the day to the ceremony, it’s a little something to boost your wedding style! Vow books are also a gorgeous keepsake that holds up much better than normal pieces of paper.

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Accessory Secrets
Did you know that veil weights exist?! I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard about brides losing their veils during outdoor weddings. Do a little research to learn about ways to keep your accessory-related details in the best shape on your wedding day. For instance, another tip is to put on all of your jewelry last to try to keep it as smudge-free (and hairspray free!) as possible.

Wedding Signs
It is always so fun to see the different signs that my couples come up with. From the traditional “Welcome to our wedding” signs to clever sayings and “unplugged ceremony” signs, hiring a calligrapher or designer to help you come up with signs that fit your vision can really set your event apart.

Bright Makeup
While many brides still want to appear natural on their wedding days, a little extra makeup goes a long way. Especially when it comes to photographs! Adding a bit more pigmentation to your lip color and a touch more eyeshadow than normal will photograph well and last longer throughout your day. You can always snap a few photos as your makeup artist works to see if you need to do more or less.

And there you have it! Five wedding detail secrets to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

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