Wedding Details You Need to Have on Your Wedding Day

March 14th, 2019 |

Wedding basics are fairly simple. Wedding dress, bridal party attire, food, flowers, invitations. But what if you want to take your décor up to the next level to ensure an incredible ambiance and a day that your guests will never forget? Here are six wedding details that you need to have on your wedding day.

Detail #1 – A custom monogram.

If you don’t have a personal code of arms (how cool would that be?!), a custom monogram can serve as the center of your event’s design. It will set the stage for the colors and fonts you use throughout all of your décor pieces, invitations, bridal party attire, and more. 

Apply your monogram to anything you can print on (tastefully). Think napkins, flags flying outside of a reception tent, ceremony programs, thank you notes, the list goes on.

Detail #2 – Theme details.

Are you having a destination wedding and want it to follow a specific theme? If you’re planning for a romantic beach getaway, try including custom cocktails designed just for you with unique glassware and drink toppers. You might also skip the standard floral centerpieces and add something that represents the local plants where your event is being held.

Detail #3 – Accent lighting.

Such a big deal when it comes to creating ambiance and setting the stage for your event. Whether you have votive candles on the guest tables or strings of tiny white lights hung from the ceiling, accent lighting will totally step up your event game and make your photos look ah-mazing!

Detail #4 – Unexpected furniture.

Consider adding unique chairs, tablecloths with unique prints or textures, or custom glassware. Anything that is unexpected and unique will help set your event apart from any other weddings your guests have been to. 

Interested in hearing more ideas about how to work details into your wedding day? I’d love to chat! Email me at or comment below. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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