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A Bride’s Checklist for Preparing Her Engagement Session

Hey y’all! Let’s cut to the chase today and chat about one of my personal favorite parts of the wedding planning process leading up to your big day….the engagement session! While your wedding is most definitely the landmark day at the center of all your careful planning and creativity; having an engagement session that you can share with friends and family is the perfect way to figure our your style as a couple and build anticipation for your big day!

As a photographer, offering couples an engagement session is a great opportunity for me to connect with them in a low-stress and personal setting prior to the wedding. An engagement session allows my client to familiarize themselves with my shooting style, ask any questions they may have about my process, and gives me the opportunity to see how my clients interact as a couple. It’s a great way for both myself and my clients to feel prepared and comfortable working together on the day of the wedding.

If you are getting ready to have your own engagement session, I hope you and your partner find this quick list helpful for creating a flawless and unforgettable session with your photographer!


Catch Some Zzz’s 

It may not seem like a big deal, but getting a good night’s sleep prior to your session will ensure that you both look and feel well-rested and are dark-circle free for the camera! On a similar note, drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your session to nourish your skin from the inside out so you are at your glowing best!

Handling the Terrain

Most of my engagement sessions involve strolling with couples across a variety of terrain. I strongly encourage bringing along a couple of different types of shoes so that you can stay comfortable and walk talk whether the terrain is sandy and rocky, soft grass or firm pavement.

Grab Some Hairspray 

If your session is outdoors, the unpredictability of Mother Nature can quickly mess up your ‘do….keep an eye on the forecast and keep your hairstyle simple but flattering….and have a can of good hairspray on hand to tame flyaways and poofy bangs!

Don’t Get Hangry 

Often times an outdoor engagement session can run longer than anticipated (especially if there is inclement weather) and if you start to feel edgy from hunger or thirst it will 100% affect your ability to be relaxed and enjoy yourself in from of the camera. Throw a couple of water bottles and favorite snacks in your bag to ward off any unexpected hunger pains.


Are Your Nails Ready for Their Close-Up?

Hands tend to be a star in engagement photos, especially if you have some bling you are wanting to show off. Keep jewelry other than your engagement ring simple and to a minimum, and alongside your ring nothing looks better preserved in photos than a clean and fresh manicure!

Doggos, Etc.

Incorporating furry friends into your shoot is a great way to make your session personal and special to you and your partner. If you do plan on bringing along a furry friend, it helps to have an extra human friend along who can watch your doggo or cat if you decide you would like some shots of just you and your partner.

I hope y’all enjoyed perusing this list, and discovered some fun and helpful tips for creating your own perfect engagement session! Happy wedding planning!

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