Branding Headshot Session with Kristen

January 4th, 2019 |

Though I do spend most of my time photographing beautiful Charleston and Annapolis weddings and family portrait sessions, as an Annapolis photographer, I’m able to occasionally mix things up and dabble in other types of photography, as well.

Since I am living my dream as an Annapolis photographer, I love working with other creatives, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are passionate about their fields, as well and are living their own dreams! This past year, I was able to photograph a dear friend who was running for senate in Colorado Springs for his campaign, and recently, I photographed Kristen’s headshots and branding shoot for her new endeavor.

Kristen is a dentist and nutritionist and has recently started a business, Beyond Pearly Whites. Her approach to nutrition and health is holistic and unique, with an emphasis on oral hygiene as a major component to overall health! And from Kristen’s pearly whites and vibrant attitude, it seems like her methodology works!

I loved being able to capture the essence of her business and provide her with lively headshots. We had a wonderful time coming up with the concept for her branding shoot and then making it happen. We photographed her headshots inside her home, which gave the shoot such a personal feel. Since she does so much of her work from the comfort of her own home, it was true to her business.

We spent the afternoon talking about her business plans, finding all of the best light in her gorgeous home, and flipping through cookbooks. Her approach to health is so unique and needed in our society today, and just being around her made me want to be healthier! I love how the brightness of her photos reflect the brightness of her personality and mission. And it is so fun to see these images all over her website!

Be sure to check out her business after enjoying these branding photos in Annapolis!


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