Christina Rowland Fitness and Lifestyle Session

February 25th, 2019 |

Although I spend most of my time at gorgeous weddings and photographing sweet families, I’m occasionally contacted to photograph individuals and businesses as an Annapolis lifestyle photographer. From nutritionists to politicians to fitness instructors, I have been fortunate enough to photograph amazing professionals from all realms.

This past year, Christina Rowland contacted me about photographing her lifestyle photography session to represent herself and her brand, and I was instantly so excited to work with her! Christina is a yoga and sculpt instructor in DC who is also an advocate for alopecia, so I was thrilled to learn about her vision for her shoot.

We met up in Georgetown for this lifestyle photography session. We wanted to photograph all of the facets of Christina’s life, so we photographed a combination of fitness and general lifestyle images.

It was such a great change of pace to do a fitness shoot; I photographed Christina in a combination of yoga, running, and weightlifting poses. And she looked incredible in her stylish fitness attire! I think that she picked the perfect setting for her shoot; she appeared so strong up against the urban backdrop. And then with a quick outfit change, she looked so beautiful in her heels, jeans, and cozy sweaters. As an advocate for alopecia, we wanted to show off how bald is beautiful, so she chose to wear a wig for some sets of images and to go without for others. This made for such natural variation in her photographs and makes the gallery so diverse!

Christina and her brand radiate confidence, health, and joy. She has such a strong message and does important advocacy work, all while helping others find health and joy in their own lives. How cool is that?! Thank you, Christina, for allowing me to capture you and your wonderful brand.

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