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November 6th, 2018 |

If you have been following my work for a while, you’d know that I have a thing for Colorado. Although I’m primarily an Annapolis and Charleston-based photographer, I have some roots back West and have loved the time I spend there, as well!

We have a lot of close friends who reside in the Springs, so it’s always a pleasure to visit them and have the chance to work with them. And these Colorado family portraits are some of my favorites! I am sharing them today, on election day, because these Colorado family portraits have an extra special meaning behind them.

Pat McIntire is one of our good friends, and he’s running for state senate in Colorado Springs. He needed some headshots and family photos for his website and promotional materials, so I was honored to be able to take them for him! It is so fun to see some of them on his website and to have been able to support him.

Part of what was so fun about this session is the variety of it; I was able to shoot both professional headshots and sweet Colorado family portraits. It was the perfect mix of business and fun! We found a sleepy Colorado Springs street on a summer evening and had a great time showing off their darling family’s love through different poses.

Some of my favorite photos, naturally, are the more candid images of Pat’s sweet daughter! She was at such a fun and spirited age, so she enjoyed jumping around a bit and showing off her toothy grin. I particularly love the photos of her laughing and showing how much she can stretch out her arms!

No matter what happens at the polls today, win or lose, I am so proud of Pat and grateful I could support him and his family in this exciting endeavor.

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