The Why Behind Portrait Photography

December 20th, 2018 |

Occasionally, I’ll take a step back and think about the why behind my career. Why do I do what I do? As an Annapolis portrait photographer, I could list off a million reasons why I love my job. But beyond the art, the human interaction, the business side of things, there’s a much deeper reason why I am passionate about wedding and portrait photography.

There is such a deep value in portrait photography. And this goes way past having pretty, instagram-worthy photographs! Photographs truly are family heirlooms and one of the few tangible things we have to remember people by.

I love the way that you can look back a photograph, and the photo elicits so many incredible memories. It gives you the chance to revisit a feeling, smell, and sounds. It gives you the opportunity to remember people in some of life’s most precious moments.

Maybe I am feeling extra sentimental since the arrival of my baby boy, but there’s nothing more that I want for him than to understand the importance of family. Of course I take way too many photos of him on a regular basis as a new mom, but as an Annapolis portrait photographer, I want him to have professional, clear photographs to remember all of the memories we have created as a family!

Photographs can be passed down the generations, so these memories will not only be preserved by him, but they can be cherished by his future children and their children too! I personally really enjoy looking at photographs of my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. It is so fun to picture their lives in that time and see family resemblances come through.

I love the notion that photographs freeze time, and I really do not want to forget a single happy memory with this sweet family of mine! Here are a few of my favorite Annapolis portrait photographs to date: Katayla Newborn Session, Dillin + Erika, Caso Family.

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