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Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Today is Daniel and I’s third wedding anniversary. Wow! How time flys by right? It felt like just yesterday I was finishing up work in Charleston and moving up to Maryland. My sister and family helped move us up and settle in. In felt like just yesterday that Daniel was finishing his job at AACS to eventually start work at Lighthouse Church.

It felt like just yesterday, and yet, it also feels like forever ago. Life without this amazing man of mine wouldn’t be the same. I’m so thankful for his constand support and encouragement. Always pushing me to be a better business woman, enouraging me in my walk with the Lord, and loving me through all my faults and shortcomings. 

Daniel and I have walked through various trials in our short three years of marriage (more on that soon), and all of them have brought us closer together. Its strengthened our marriage and our walk with the Lord. Although I wouldn’t wish any of the trials we’ve gone through on anyone, it’s also made us who we are today. I know that will continue to be the case through many of lives journeys as long as we keep our focus on the Lord. 

Thank you my love for all that you do for me in love and sacrifice. Happy anniversary! <3 


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