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Editing an Engagement Session | Behind the Scenes

Today we’re taking a behind the scenes look into editing an engagement session. There’s even a short time-lapse involved! Fun right?!

behind the scenes editing a shoot hannahlanephotography

People are always asking me how I edit, what program I use, etc etc. Well today I thought we’d take a sneak peak into the workings of editing an engagement session. I recently photographed a wonderful couple at the inner harbor in downtown Baltimore (more to come later!).

When I start to edit a session I go through all the images one by one and pick the best from that pose or scene. If there is more than one that I love in that group, i’ll sometimes turn one into black and white, and one in color. I use several pre-saved presets that i’ve personalized in Lightroom to make editing as streamlined as possible. The faster I can edit a session, the more I can get done in a day. To show you this process, I thought what better way than to show you a time-lapse of editing the entire engagement session.

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Take a look!

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