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A definite perk of being an Annapolis portrait and wedding photographer is having amazingly talented friends that I get to work alongside! I knew that I wanted newborn photos done this winter, so I called up my friend Jessica, who photographed our baby and new family this December.

So it was only right to turn the tables and photograph her and her sweet family in this Washington DC family photo session during the fall! I love these family photographs because it was such a different backdrop than I am used to.

This Washington DC family photo session is set in an urban, colorful neighborhood in the District. The backdrop is the perfect fit for a vibrant and playful family! Jessica, her husband, and her three children have such an infectious love and energy. I loved witnessing their fun-loving spirit, and it was even more fun to capture them in action. We spent the afternoon walking around DC and looking at the murals and wall art, but there were also so many laughs to be had along the way!

I just love how the family looks against the urban architecture and bright backdrops. They picked the most flattering, casual apparel for their DC family photo session, which proves that you don’t need to dress up to look amazing in photos. They coordinated just enough without being too “matchy-matchy,” and each of their outfits shows off a bit of their personalities!

As I look at the photos Jessica did of my sweet baby, I am so grateful for professional images that highlight this exciting time of life. And I would like to think that she feels the same about this darling family photo session of her loved ones. These are the days that we can’t relive and memories we can’t get back, so this is why I’m so passionate about capturing them!

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