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Kaylyn Senior Portaits

Working as an Annapolis family photographer, I am able to see families change and grow right before my eyes. From newborns to toddlers to seniors and beyond, I love watching a family’s progression. And I think that it is so important to document all of these exciting life stages! 
Although I do not photograph senior portraits frequently, It is always a pleasure to have the opportunity to do so! And this was absolutely the case with Kaylyn’s Annapolis senior portrait session. We took advantage of the gorgeous fall weather during her last year of high school and spent the evening showing off some of the prettiest parts of Annapolis, her hometown. 

We strolled along the waterfront and captured some beautiful photos during sunset, and we also showed off some classic Annapolis porches and the historic brick streets. I especially love the small elements of personality that Kaylyn chose to add to the session, including her Mini Cooper car! Is that every teenage girl’s dream car or what?! She definitely beamed when she posed with it! The mural wall was also a nice change of background.  

I love this Annapolis senior portrait session because it is clean and fresh with all of the focus on this lovely young woman. She looked so pretty in both of her outfits, and she smiled so easily for all of the photos! You can see such happiness and excitement in Kaylyn, which is how every senior in high school should feel! It is fun to think about all of the opportunities that Kaylyn has to look forward to and to imagine where her life will take her. 

Congratulations to all soon-to-be high school graduates in 2019 from Hannah Lane Photography! I am looking forward to photographing a few more of you before you receive your diplomas! 

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