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Digital is not forever | Printed photos last generations

Printed photos last generations. One of my favorite things is having the chance to walk into a client’s home and see some printed photos that I’ve taken hanging on their walls. It always brings me such joy to know that they loved the photos enough to proudly display them for all to see.

In our digital world it’s so easy to quickly snap a photo, post it on social media, and leave it at that. Or, in my case, hire a photographer, receive the photos, post a few on social media, and get too busy with life to remember to print them. This is a detriment to our society!

As most of you know, I was recently married. Fifty years from now, who knows where all my digital wedding photos will be. There won’t be a dusty album on a shelve waiting for my grandchildren to take it down and look through their grandparents’ wedding day. No, they will be long gone and the photographs that were meant to capture memories will have faded away (in the cloud).

This is not how I want my children and grandchildren to remember their lives. My mom has albums and boxes of old photographs from my childhood that I love looking through! Good photos, bad photos, ugly photos and pretty photos. All the fun and playful moments, and the posed moments. I love every one. I want my family, future children, and future grandchildren to have those moments as well. Tucked away in a dusty box for them to look through and see themselves as babies; to see their parents and grandparents when they were young.

Print your photos. Create lasting memories for your family to see and remember. Display them, send them as gifts, create albums. It’s one of the most inportant things you can do. At the end of your life, your children won’t care about the decorations in your home or all the paperwork you have lying around. However, they will treasure those old photographs of you as new parents, their childhood home, their grandparents holding them. Those are the things they will treasure.

I have an old polaroid photo of my parents being silly, before I was ever born, taped to my mirror… and I LOVE it. It’s a great representation of how fun and silly my dad is, how my mom always laughs at my dad’s jokes, and how my dad loves my mom. All in one small polaroid photo.


Don’t you want those memories for your children?

Print your photos, hang them, display them, make an album.


I asked some of my incredible clients to send photos my way of how they display their photographs in and around their home. Take a look!







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