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What happens in chance of bad weather?

If you’ve checked out the weather report and are concerned about a not-so-sunny forecast for your big day, it’s time to touch base with your photographer! Don’t worry, rain on your wedding day doesn’t mean that you can’t have gorgeous photos. It just means that you and your photographer will get to chat for a few extra minutes during the planning phase to figure out how you will handle any conditions that are less than ideal.

A few of the topics you’ll want to cover:

  • How severe is the weather going to be (think thunderstorm vs. hurricane)?
  • Will the venue need to move?
  • What supplies can we use to make sure that your dress stays clean and the photos are amazing?
  • Will we need to add a second venue or adjust timing of portrait photos?

Did you know that I’ve actually photographed a wedding during a hurricane? Seriously! The bride and I worked together to adjust the venue and time the photos, making the most out of the situation. I brought a clear plastic shower curtain to keep their dresses clean, the bridesmaids wore matching rainboots, and the entire wedding party held umbrellas during the group shots.

Check out these amazing photos that came out of that day:

Hannah Lane Photography - Bad Weather

Hannah Lane Photography - Bad Weather

So truly, if the weather man just doesn’t seem to be doing you any favors – please don’t sweat. Go ahead and say a little prayer (I’ll say one with you, promise!) then give me a call. We’ll work out a detailed plan to make sure that you and your sweet wedding party are prepared to create amazing photos (and memories) of your special day that you’ll cherish forever.

Still nervous about threatening skies or the chance of rain? Keep scrolling to see a few of my most favorite images taken in truly awful weather and find comfort in the fact it’s supposed to be good luck when it rains on your wedding day.  <3

Hannah Lane Photography - Bad Weather Hannah Lane Photography - Bad Weather

Hannah Lane Photography - Bad Weather


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