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The ABC’s of planning your wedding

     So you just gave that big “yes” answer to the special person holding some shiny bling…so now wedding planning starts.  The beginning of your engagement is an exciting time of joyful announcements and hugging; Insta posts and pretty Pinterest boards…but it can also have a lot of “HOLY CRAP what are we getting ourselves into?!?” moments.

     Pulling off your own perfect wedding can quickly become overwhelming with to-dos, unforeseen expenses and well meaning reminders from the family to include great Aunt Agnes on the guest list (not to mention the swarm of vendors eager to take your money for their services!)

      In order to avoid pulling your hair out over whether your bouquet should be made of doughnuts or succulents and finding your pooch the perfect ring-bearer outfit, glance at the ABC’s wedding planning timeline I have outlined below to help you relax, breathe, and take your journey down the aisle one step at a time!

A) Guest List

        The amount of guests will significantly help to determine the size and location of your wedding venue! As soon as the dust has settled from announcing your engagement, sit down and write out the names of the people whom you want to invite so you can have a solid head count right off the bat.

B) Budget

       Expectations for how much money should be spent on a wedding can vary drastically between couples…make sure you and your fiance are on the same page by establishing a budget amount together and deciding where those funds will come from.

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C) The Dress

     Not only is it nice to have the peace of mind of knowing your dress is selected early on; referring to the style of your dress can be a great help in determining the rest of your wedding decor. 

D) The Officiant

     Decide together whom you would like to officiate your wedding, lock down their availability and walk them through your ceremony expectations. Their presence is quite significant to your big day!

E) Photo/Video

     Find a photographer and/or videographer that best suits your style, don’t be afraid to ask questions and shop around, but once you’ve found your perfect match be sure to lock down the date with them.

F) Venue

    Secure your venue and reception location and date before booking any other vendors such as the caterer and florist, and be mindful of the flow of your venue location when choosing other vendors.

G) Stationery 

    Don’t overthink your stationery too much; keep it simple, straightforward and personal! Unless you are very ambitious, hand-lettering a lot of invites yourself can be extremely tedious..there are great stationery services that take care of all that for you!

I) Florist

    Choose a florist that honors your style and budget!

J) Food

    Formal dinner or casual….food truck or tapas? Cake or cupcakes? Once you have your reception venue booked and a guest head count decide what food, drinks and dessert you want to provide and lock down the date with the vendors!

L) Decor

     Watch your budget here….this is where those boho-chic chandelier and velvet chair expenses can start piling up!

M) Day-of Transportation

      Decide how you are going to get you and your wedding gang from point A to point B for the ceremony, photos and reception…with plenty of room for your dress!

N) Hair and Makeup

      Mobile hair and makeup artists are amazing and will keep you and your bridal party looking fabulous on-site!

O) You Made It!

   Love the heck out of your wedding day and live happily ever after!

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