How to Pose Your Clients

December 12th, 2018 |

After working as a Charleston wedding photographer for years, I have seen a trend or two in my clients. One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is how nervous people are to be photographed! Sure, I’ll occasionally have clients who are used to being photographed and completely comfortable. But there is typically some expression of trepidation in regards to being photographed.

I hear it time and time again in my initial wedding photography consultations: “Oh, but I’m so awkward in front of the camera!,” “I don’t photograph well!,” or “He doesn’t like photos, so you definitely have your work cut out for you.” But I can assure you, an experienced Charleston wedding photographer can ease your worries. And he or she will make your experience wonderful by following a few of the following tips.

I like to provide my couples with a bit of direction before the session. While many people don’t know what to do with their arms or hands while being photographed, I have found that if I pass along some ideas ahead of time, my clients start the session feeling more confident and excited.

And this works for other types of sessions as well—not just for my clients as a Charleston wedding photographer. I like to send ideas for posing over for large families, small families, teenagers, and even newborns! This allows my clients to feel confident in my experience and ability to make them look amazing.

Another key aspect is letting them know ahead of time that I’ll be there with them to guide them along the way. I help set the initial poses, as well as make adjustments. This helps flatter them and bring out natural emotion and sweet, candid moments.

I think it’s important for clients to know that they’ll never be left to figure it out on their own! A good Charleston wedding photographer will guide clients every step of the way.

It is so fun to try unique and new things, and a priority for me is to always help my clients have a laid-back and fun experience. The poses and beautiful images always come naturally from there!


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