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15 Things to Not Forget When Planning Your Wedding

It’s right in the middle of  proposal season y’all….and if you are just about to tie the knot or are in the middle of planning your wedding for the fast-approaching Summer, I thought you may find it helpful to have a quick list of 15 Things to Not Forget When Planning Your Wedding. Enjoy!
1.  The Budget 
     It’s no surprise that wedding expenses add up fast. Decide on a budget with your partner before the first credit card swipe. A surprising freedom exists in establishing spending limits together (don’t forget to factor in some wiggle room) so you won’t have the shock of a last-minute $500 charge for Himalayan salt shot glass wedding favors!
2.  Guests Before Venue
    Your number of guests will determine the size of the venue you need to accommodate everyone. Make a list right off the bat of the people you most want to celebrate your day with (the rule of thumb is to allow for 25 to 30 square feet of space per guest) and use this as a framework for choosing your venue location.
3.  The Officiant 
    Depending on your wedding venue, some places will already come with an officiant. Confirm the date with them ASAP, and if possible choose an officiant who knows both you and your partner, and whom you trust to do your ceremony proud!
4.  Weather 
     Plan ahead for both seasonal and unforeseen weather. For example…if your ceremony is in a beautiful historic barn in the middle of August, do a test run of the AC. If your wedding is beachfront, make sure you have a backup indoor option in the event of a surprise downpour!
5. Driving Directions
     Ensure that your guests know where they are going and how to get there by giving them accurate driving directions. Online maps are a great option, but it never hurts to have the security of written directions for your guests, especially if your venue is in an out-of-the-way locale.
6. Check the Local Events Calendar
      Check around the area to see if there are any local events (festivals, parades, etc) in the same vicinity as your wedding that may effect traffic and the availability of parking for your guests, and plan accordingly.
7. Bring the Fashion Cavalry
     Don’t go wedding dress shopping alone; take along a family member or friend whom you trust to help make the day spent in fitting rooms enjoyable (but who will also be honest with you about what looks good!)
     I am definitely biased, but your wedding photographer truly is a critical component of your big day. Take the time to research photographers available in your area, and don’t be afraid to ask potential photographers questions about their pricing and style before making a decision. Also, book earlier rather than later!
9. Write Down Important Contacts
     Have an emergency contact list of all your vendors handy on your wedding day; make copies and give them to your bridal party. You will not be sorry!
10. The Kids Policy
     Decide whether or not to include children on the guest list and keep it consistent from family to family. It is alright to ask for only the presence of adults; just bear in mind how it may affect the likelihood of folks with children being able to attend.
11. Connect the Vendor Dots 
      Great vendors can often recommend other great vendors, and a pro to going this route is that vendors who often work together are excellent at coinciding their services to streamline the overall aesthetic of your wedding. Photographers often pair up as a team with specific videographers, event planners have specific florists they trust, etc.
12. Keep Track of Communications
      Make communications folders for your separate vendors to easily keep track of contract details, contact info and any changes you and your vendors may decide to make along the way so you can easily reference them if need be.
13. Eliminate Extraneous Tasks
     Nice thought though it may be…it is NOT necessary to make 300 chocolate-dipped pretzel bags from scratch for your guests the day before your wedding or spend hours hand-crafting each and every invitation. Save yourself hours by letting professionals do the time-consuming busy work for you!
14. Food for Your Vendors
     When planning your wedding catering, don’t forget to factor in a few extra plates for the folks behind the scenes of your big day so you don’t have a hangry photographer and event planner on your hands!
15. It’s YOUR Day
      Weddings can often go hand-in-hand with familial obligation and expectation. Your wedding is about you and your partner, and it is OK to be kind but firm with family when it comes to not compromising on your wishes for your special day.
Let me know what you thought of this list of 15 Things to Not Forget When Planning Your Wedding, or what you’d like to see in the next post!
15 Things to not Forget When Planning Your Wedding
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