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Ashley and her Prince | Charleston Photographer

HannahLane Photography - Charleston Photographer

Ashley has had her fur baby, Prince, for 12 years now. When the opportunity to live abroad came up, she took it – but had no idea how much she’d miss Prince’s presence. Not only is he super cute and helpful when it comes to devouring an ice cream cone, but he’s incredibly therapeutic to have around. After being gone for twelve months, Ashley was ready to update her headshots for work with her favorite Charleston photographer (me of course, haha) and celebrate her happily ever with Prince at the same time.

It’s so sweet to see how much these two adore each other. Ashely describes it best, “There’s nothing like coming home and seeing that sweet face so excited to see you!”  

HannahLane Photography - Charleston Photographer

The professional headshot world is totally changing. Gone are the days where you are expected to be seen sitting on a stool in front of a neutral backdrop. If you’re looking to step up your game with updated headshots that will impress potential employers or professional networks, it’s time to connect with me!

When you schedule a session with this Charleston photographer, you can expect to relax and have fun while we capture the images of your dreams! Most importantly, we’ll chat ahead of time to plan how we can best communicate your personal brand through these photos. We’ll talk about what you will wear, who you’ll bring – maybe your four-legged friend (wink wink), what location will work best, and more. 

HannahLane Photography - Charleston Photographer HannahLane Photography - Charleston Photographer HannahLane Photography - Charleston Photographer HannahLane Photography - Charleston Photographer

Are you in need of updated headshots and ready to schedule a session with your favorite Charleston photographer? I’d love to chat with you. Give me a call or send me an email and we’ll work together to create the perfect images to represent your personal brand.


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