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Assembling A Wedding Day Detail Bag

Hey y’all; today I would like to share some ideas for putting together a wedding day Detail Bag for yourself and your photographer (especially if that’s me!) to ensure that those unique pieces of your day you have carefully selected over months of planning get their own moment to shine! 

When I arrive to photograph your getting-ready moments and details, it helps to have a wedding detail bag already assembled with all of the items that you would like me to style in your initial detail photographs.

Photo by HannahLane Photography –

This bag could contain any of the following items:
Paper Suite (Invitation, Save the Date, Envelope, etc.),
Swatches of Lace or Fabric
Heirloom Pieces

*Tips to Remember*

I love photographing the rings before the festivities get started so once the ceremony is underway, the rings do not leave your finger for the remainder of the day!

It also helps to have your gown hanging from a non-plastic hanger with any pins or stuffing already removed! If you would like your bridesmaids’ dresses photographed as well, be sure to have them all hanging when I arrive….this gives me more time to find the perfect place to photograph yours and their dresses, rather than spending those precious minutes unpinning and hanging!

I cannot wait to have a peek in your own wedding day Detail Bag to see all the little pieces that will come together to make your wedding day unforgettable! 

wedding day detail
Photo by HannahLane Photography –


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