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Josh + Lorinda | Baltimore Maternity Session

Before the arrival of a first little one there is a special sweetness to be had in those last few weeks; while you eagerly anticipate their arrival you also savor the time shared alone with your partner as one chapter together ends and another begins.
The lives of my own lovely friends Josh and Lorinda just changed forever with the birth of their sweet baby boy Hayes Miland Crain, and today I have the pleasure of sharing with y’all their maternity session gallery (and their handsome dogg0 – Finn – who is the best big-brother) at this quiet little seaside spot in Baltimore.
Lorinda exuded beauty and graceful motherhood in her delicately patterned floral silhouette, and Josh kept it classy in a tailored blue button-up and khakis (doggo was very dapper as well). Their tenderness for one another and Lorinda’s precious baby bump was constant throughout the session as they strolled hand in hand; giving each other sweet gazes and gentle touches. A few fluffy clouds, the Chesapeake bay, tangles of driftwood and crisp green grass created the perfect backdrop to highlight the love they share for their little family. 
I am absolutely thrilled for Josh and Lorinda, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do their maternity shoot. I hope y’all enjoy this gallery… as for me, I am headed off to their newborn session and I CAN NOT WAIT for you to see those photos! 


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