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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Need to know questions to ask your photographer? Hiring a photographer requires far more than hiring any other vendor for your wedding day. Their work, the photos they take of you at your wedding, will be the most treasured tangible keepsake you have. Often times, wedding photos even turn into family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation.

Choosing the photographer that is right for you can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are ten questions to ask your photographer you’d consider hiring for your event.

Question #1 – Can I see your portfolio?

You’ll want to see recent work that appears consistent.

Question #2 – Is this the style of editing that I can expect with my photos?

Editing can be controversial. Do you expect someone to add in unicorns and rainbows or are you happy with the natural accented a bit?

Question #3 – What packages do you offer?

If you like the photographer’s style and are considering moving forward, you’ll want to check out the packages they offer. At this point, you’re looking for hours of coverage and the tangible items you’ll receive (prints, digitals, albums, etc.).

Question #4 – Do you bring back-up?

Many photography companies include one main photographer, but will they have a second shooter on site for back-up, just in case?

Question #5 – What’s the cost?

Yep, down to the basics at this point. Does their price for the package you’ll need fit your budget?

Question #6 – How many final edited photos can I expect to see?

Photographers vary on all ends of the spectrum when it comes to the number of photos you’ll actually get when all is said and done. While they may not be able to predict the exact number that will come from your event, they can give you an idea or at least a minimum so that you know what to expect.

Question #7 – How long will it take to get my photos?

Another factor that varies. Will it take two weeks, six months, a year? Knowing a general timeframe of when you will receive your final edited photos will save you a lot of stress.

Question #8 – How long will it take to get my products?

If your package includes products of some sort (prints, canvas, albums, etc.), you’ll want to find out how long it will take for you to receive them. Keep in mind that they may not be delivered at the same time as your other images.

Question #9 – Will I get to see a preview of images?

The day after a wedding can feel like a total flop after the events that happened the previous day. Getting a preview of the images from your photographer will totally help perk things up!

Question #10 – What’s your social media policy?

Many photographers have strict policies when it comes to social media including where you can share and how. Know the rules up front in order to maintain a good relationship with your photographer.

Do you have additional questions that I might be able to answer? Send me an email!

10 questions to ask your photographer

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