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Unique Ways to Thank Your Guests After Your Wedding Using Photos

You’ve hired an incredible wedding photographer and are obsessed with the images you received, but now what? My first recommendation for your wedding photos is to have them professionally printed and then hang them all over your house. My second recommendation is to use them as a way to thank your guests after the wedding.

Here are three unique ways to thank your guests after your wedding using photos:

Thank You #1 – Print thank you notes using your photo.

Go super simple by taking your favorite photo from the preview I share and having custom thank you notes printed using the image. Your guests will enjoy seeing the photo and appreciate the thought put into it.

If you’re more of a planner and want to customize the image, create a ‘thank you’ sign or banner and bring it with you to your wedding. While we’re taking your bridal portraits, we’ll be sure to snag a few with your ‘thank you’ piece so that the image can be used for your thank you notes.

Whatever you choose, give me a heads up so that I can plan the wedding preview accordingly and get you the images you need.

thank your guests
Photo by HannahLane Photography –

Thank You #2 – Share your images online.

When you receive your online gallery, go ahead and share a link on your social media accounts and invite your guests to check it out. They’ll enjoy seeing the images of you and your bridal party, and of course they’ll scour the pages to see if they show up in any of the guest images. Those candids are often some of my favorite, so I’ll be sure to include as many as possible within your gallery.

You can also give guests the option to purchase prints on their own if you’d like, simply get in touch with me for details and we’ll set it up.

Thank You #3 – Custom gifts for everyone.

Getting married around the holidays and want to cover saying ‘thank you’ and give custom gifts at the same time? Have your images printed on fun keepsake items like ornaments, canvases, etc.

If you want more ideas on how to use your images after your wedding day, especially when you’re trying to say thank you to all of your family and friends, get in touch with me. I’d love to help you come up with something to fit your style best.

Photo by HannahLane Photography –

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