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Katayala Six Month Photos

As time passes, families go through inevitable changes and periods of growth. And with each of these periods of growth come challenges, excitement, and so many precious moments. As an Annapolis family photographer, I find so much joy in being able to capture these precious moments for the lovely families that I am lucky enough to photograph!

This is especially true when I have the privilege of photographing a family throughout different phases of their lives. Often, I meet a couple before their family is officially formed, for their engagement photos, and then I get to continue working with them long after their wedding is over! I’ve become many of these families’ go-to Annapolis family photographer, which means that I get to see their family continue to grow and that I get to know all of their darling children!

I have worked with the Bennett family on several occasions, and every time has been so enjoyable! After photographing baby Katayala for her newborn session last winter, I loved revisiting the family and seeing how much she had changed for her six months photos! Her six-month birthday coincided perfectly with fall family photo season, so this Annapolis family photo session doubled as holiday photos, as well!

The last time I worked with Katayala, she was a sleepy, peaceful newborn who loved snuggling with mom and dad. This time around, she was so much more energetic and very interested in the world! She loved playing with her parents, and we got lots of smiles and giggles out of her!

These three make such a beautiful family. They looked gorgeous up against the neutral backdrop of the waterfront, and their fall-inspired attire was seasonal and perfect. I loved how baby Katayala’s headband matched her mom’s blouse so well! And can you believe that baby sweater?! It’s the sweetest! Thank you for letting me photograph your family again, Bennett family.

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