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Why It’s So Important to Have an Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are typically taken within shortly after your engagement. They’re meant to help remember this moment in your life, before you are married and when your formal relationship is fresh. On top of that, they also help with a number of other things. Here are four reasons that help explain why it is so important to schedule an engagement session with your photographer.

Reason #1 – You get amazing photos!

Engagement photos are so fun because they aren’t rushed or stressful. I love strolling through gorgeous downtowns walking the shoreline with gorgeous couples as they just have time to relax and love on each other. This is an excellent opportunity to capture your love as it stands today.

HannahLane Photography - Charleston Engagement Photography Locations - Charleston Wedding Photographer

Reason #2 – You can use the images for so many different things.

You can use your images for the official announcement of your engagement, your save the date cards, include them in your wedding invitations, even display them at your wedding. 

If you’re looking for ideas on how to use the images, let me know. I can totally help!


Reason #3 – It’s the best interview ever.

Not for you, but for your photographer. It will give you first-hand knowledge of what you can expect from your photographer on your wedding day. You’ll notice things like how they’ll speak to you, how they will make you feel, if they make pose or location suggestions to help make your images better, and more.

The most important thing you’ll get to know from this experience is whether or not you actually like their work when you are their subject. This is absolutely vital. I mean, wildly important. 

If you don’t like the way your engagement photos turn out and it’s not a simple fix that the photographer can easily handle, you need to look somewhere else. Otherwise, you are not going to like your wedding photos!

Your engagement session will tell you whether or not you want to work with the photographer on your actual wedding day. If you are happy with how the images turned out and the impression that your experience with that photographer left on you, move forward with a peaceful mind! If red flags pop up along the way, ask a lot of questions and do a little more research before you commit to having them photograph your wedding.

Are you ready to schedule your engagement session? Let’s chat! Shoot me a quick email at and I’ll get in touch right away. Talk soon!  <3 Hannah

HannahLane Photography - Charleston Engagement Photography Locations - Charleston Wedding Photographer

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