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Woody’s Day with the Stanley Cup

One of my highlights of 2018 (and all-time career highlights!) occurred in the summer. Although I primarily work as an Annapolis portrait photographer, I had the special opportunity of capturing a different kind of portrait during a special event called Woody’s Day with the Cup.

The whole DMV went wild for the Stanley Cup this year, and for good reason! The Capitals won the whole tournament, and D.C. and the surrounding cities were alight with energy and excitement. In the following months, many celebrations occurred—parades, parties, and ceremonies.

One of the special events that occurred involved a lesser-known Caps employee, “Woody.” Woody is one of the equipment managers for the Capitals and has worked for them for nearly thirty years! He lives and breathes Caps, so naturally, the Stanley Cup win was life-changing. Woody not only helps with the team’s equipment, he helped many of the players on personal levels, including helping Ovechkin acclimate to life in the United States as a young man.

So after the grand parade and “big” celebrations, Woody was granted a day with the Stanley Cup trophy. Instead of keeping the glory to himself, he decided to share his minutes of fame with the Annapolis community! Woody chose to bring the Cup to many special spots around the city to honor the special people who live there.

He wanted to give the people of Annapolis a precious moment with the cup, and I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph all of these moments! We brought the Cup on the water, to the Capital, and to a few other various locations in the city. It was amazing to see everyone’s excited reactions to the Cup. I even got to touch it and take a photo with it!

This event brought me closer to my community and is a memory I’ll cherish for years to come as an Annapolis portrait photographer!


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